Book Review - The Songbird in My Heart by Mark Steven Rhoads

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I received The Songbird In My Heart: The Magnificence of Being by Mark Steven Rhoads for review a little while back, I was in the middle of another book at the time so I couldn't start it immediately but I couldn't help but flip through the pages just a little bit. When I did I decided to set it in the bathroom and start picking at it. It made a wonderful warm bath contemplative read.

The pictures are brilliant and calming, a snow covered path, orange and red leaves in Autumn, beautiful flowers in bloom. They are initially what got my attention but as I started to read the words started taking center stage with the pictures as a wonderful supporting cast.

The Songbird In My Heart is honest while at the same time being uplifting. How often do you find that in real life? Not very, but definitely something I would like to experience more of in my day-to-day. Stories from the author's life are gently woven with wonderfully simple, thought provoking poetry and sprinkled with photos that are clear and crisp yet obviously snapped by the author on and around his property in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The fact that the photographer is not a professional makes each photo even more special, he is capturing the world all around him just as his words encourage us to "recognize the simple magnificence that is you."

I loved this book, every little piece about it and I hope beyond hope that Mr. Rhoads writes another as he mentions he intends to do. Sometime when I finish reading a book that I have received for review, I give it to a friend or trade it at a local used book store but this one is going up on my shelf, it's here to stay.

Here is a book trailer I found on Mr. Rhoads website.

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