Book Review - Wife's Guide to In-Laws by Jenna D. Barry

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I was recently sent an electronic version of Jenna D. Barry's book A Wife's Guide to In-laws: How to Gain Your Husband's Loyalty Without Killing His Parents. I want to start out by saying I don't have a horrible relationship with my in-laws. In the beginning there was some tension, I don't think I am the only one who felt it but I do think that it was mostly due to us all being thrust into a brand new situation and not knowing exactly how to act around the other person. Now we have a pretty good relationship, certainly nothing compared to the overwhelming examples listed in this book. But drawing on those first years of our relationship still trying to figure each other out I can see how a person could become overbearing and uncompromising though I do question how much of it is the in-laws and how much of it is actually the wife.

The constant war with your in-laws will take a toll on your marriage, quite possibly the ultimate toll. Since none of us want that to happen, if you are currently waging this war I suggest you read this book. The Wife's Guide to In-Laws will take you step-by-step through pinpointing exactly what your issues are, setting up a plan to address them and actually following through with the plan you set up with lots of examples along the way. Actual sentences you can use when talking to your in-laws or your husband can give you the extra confidence you need to address the issues you are having with respect and sensitivity while at the same time standing your ground.

At times in situations like this a wife can feel helpless, after all they aren't your parents what right do you have to ask them to back off? The Wife's Guide to In-Laws does a wonderful job of building confidence in the reader letting you know that just because you are married to your husband doesn't mean his family can cross your personal boundaries and make you uncomfortable. You do have the right to respectfully decline an invitation or ask them to call before they just drop by your house. At the heart of this book is the need to be honest with yourself. pick the battles that truly matter most to you then stand your ground in an understanding but firm way.
A Wife's Guide to In-laws: How to Gain Your Husband's Loyalty Without Killing His Parents will teach you how to do just that.

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