Book Review - Murder Game, Doctor Who novel by Steve Lyons

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Murder Game (Dr. Who Series) by Steve Lyons is yet another great Doctor adventure. The Doctor follows a distress call to the year 2146 and the run down Hotel Galaxian. Here he finds a role-playing murder mystery game about to get underway. Soon however the game becomes all too real. There are twist and turns in the story in true Doctor fashion and the introduction of the Selachians an alien aquatic warrior race.

The second Doctor travels with two companions in this novel, Ben and Polly. I have never seen an episode with this Doctor but it simply doesn't matter. Even without being able to picture the second Doctor in my head, just knowing the Doctor and his personality was enough to quickly get me into this story.

It is hard for me to say if I liked Murder Game better than Many Hands because I feel like I already know David Tennent as the Doctor much more than the second Doctor (see I don't even know his name) which makes me want to say I liked Many Hands better but in fact both stories are excellent and do a great job of capturing the Doctors voice.

I read this as part of my Doctor Who Reading Challenge, join up here.

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