Preschool Recommendations

Monday, June 8, 2009

If you are looking for book recommendations to read to your preschooler or even your whole preschool class to go with a lesson then you need to check out Boris the Book Hog's blog.

This is a simple and straight forward blog with lots of book recommendations. Boris and his co-author are training to become a librarian and must have access to lots of preschool age books because he has lists of books to go with lessons from noses to garbage to holidays.

I definitely plan to pick up a few of the books recommended by Boris next time I go to the library.

Currently "Reading":
Magazine - Good Housekeeping
Book - A Year in the Merde
Audio - The Art of Happiness by the Dhali Llama

1 your two cents:

Anonymous said...

my son came home with one several books on that blog recently. he really really liked most of them!

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