The best podcast ever (for book lovers)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I just stumbled upon the best podcast ever (for book lovers). I add the (for book lovers) because in my experience the best podcast ever is the This American Life podcast, if you haven't heard this one then stop reading right now, open another window on your browser and start downloading the latest episode, then come back and finish reading...done?...done yet?...ok here we go:

Like I was saying I just stumbled upon a series of podcasts put together by These guys serialize audio books so you can download them and listen to them in parts, a new part comes out every few days until the whole book is up and available for download. The best part is, it is all free. That's right you don't have to pay a cent plus they have brand new up and coming authors as well as authors you have know and loved for years. Edwin Abbott, Jon Armstrong, Mur Lafferty, Gloria Oliver and Seth Harwood are some of the authors on their roster, these aren't just a bunch of crap books they have thrown onto a website.

Each book is used with
express permission of the author and/or audio copyright holder so even though it is free, it is perfectly legal. You are encouraged to download the audiobooks and even share them with others. Podiobooks works together with authors to compensate them for their creative efforts as well as maintain their own website. There is a donation link associated with every book on the site. When you donate, they give 75% of the donation to the author of the book you have selected and 25% goes to running the website.

Also, if you have yet to delve into the world of audio books this would be the perfect test to see if you like them (if you like books you will definitely like audiobooks) because you can download one episode at a time and it's all free so there is no fuss and no guilt. Podiobooks is all fun.

I am starting my Podiobooks adventure with The Zombie Chronicles: Escape by James Melzer. I have a thing for Zombie books so I am hoping for an entertaining ride. I will of course let you know how that goes, but either way you should check out this awesome podcast, find something you think you might like and get to listening.

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Evo Terra said...

Thanks for spreading the word about us! This will be a pretty busy month for us, adding a bunch of newly started books and wrapping up a bunch in progress.

Enjoy James' book. There are plenty more zombie stories on the site. BRAAAINS!


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