Great Bumper Sticker

Friday, June 19, 2009

Back when I could actually browse at bookstores this bumper sticker would have fit my spending habits quite nicely. These days with the Little Guy I do not get the time to look through the aisles as I would like. Most of my browsing is done online right now. I usually still do my buying in the store but it's just a quick in and out to grab the next book on my list. I appreciate the importance of neighborhood stores even if they are chain stores. Though I do my best to grab things at our local bookstores when i can. I don't see the point in paying shipping if the price of shipping costs as much as the book which it often does when you only want one paperback. So as long as there isn't anything physical, like a broken leg keeping me from going to the store, that is where I want to do my purchasing.

I do my absolute best to enjoy all the little moments with my son but there are times, like when I stumbled across the picture of this bumper sticker on the Internet when I long for just one day of school or preschool to come my way so I can recapture a few of those things I used to find so much pleasure in.

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