Thursday, June 11, 2009

In writing about Shel Silverstein the other day I was reminded of some poems that I wrote not too long ago with a Shel Silverstein twist to them. If you have every read his work you will see the resemblance but these are all my own so I hope you all enjoy them.

Travel Buddy

I'm going to Rome
with a garden gnome
he's quick on his feet
it's really quite neat
to watch him dance around
in the foam.

From the fountain, you know.


I Ate It

I wrote a poem
that's stuck in my nose
how it got there
I'm sure, no one knows
I asked for a tissue
my Mother said "No"

so I guess it will stay there

Currently "Reading":

Magazine - National Geographic Kids (in the bathroom to my little one)
Book - My Story: A Photographic Essay of Life With Multiple Sclerosis one day I will finish this one
Audio - The art of happiness by the Dhali Llama

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