What's on your nightstand for January

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I always seem to miss Tuesdays for some reason I am busy or I just forget but I love the ideas over at 5 minutes for books so I am going to go ahead and add my post now even though it is late. Get more info on the What's On Your Nightstand carnival over at 5 Minutes for Books.

There are always bunch of books on my to read list, also known as my nightstand but I don't actually have a nightstand right now so my to read books are stacked by the bed, on the back on the toilet and on my shelves for right now.

Currently reading:
Interfictions 2: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing, I am really excited to finish this one, a friend of mine is the author of the story Valentines included in this book. I should be able to finish this one up soon though I am reading slow the last few days.

Oh my, that's the only book I'm in the middle of right now. It feels weird, I might just start another book for the hell of it.

To read:
Diggers (The Bromeliad Trilogy) I love Terry Pratchett and I am looking forward to reading one of his books for Young Readers.

A Year in the Merde maybe I'll actually finish this book this month.

Rusty: The High-Flying Morgan Horse (Morgan Horse Series) this book should be easy to get through, hopefully I can knock it out soon too.

of course all these on my to read list will get kicked out of order if either of my Dr. Who or Sookie Stackhouse series books that I have on hold come in to the library.

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