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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mysterychallengeThe folks over at 5 minutes for books are starting a new challenge that I am not exactly signing up for because it runs from January to June and I just don't have time for it right now but I do want to do this one post as a sort of nostalgic look back at the mystery books I read as a child.
The idea is to reread those classic mystery books you read as a child. Here's the catch with me, I didn't read any. Not that I didn't read at all, in fact I loved to read but I never liked to read mystery, still don't in fact. But when I was 19 I decided that there were some children's books that I missed out on. Either I didn't think I would like them at the time or I was never exposed to them. I went to a private Protestant school through 6th grade so all those books that other kids had to read, I was never even told about.
So as an adult I went to the library and picked up the Boxcar Children, I had a friend who was home schooled and she had loved these books so that is where I wanted to start. I am a slow reader and one thing I loved about each boxcar children book is that I could push right through it and finish a book in a day. I kept checking out more and more of them, I loved imagining myself reading them as a child. As much as I was getting into the story of the children in the books I was enjoying transporting myself into an alternate past where I read these books.
I loved every minute of every boxcar children book and when my son gets old enough I look forward to recommending these books to him.

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