Book Review - Gray Apocalypse by James Murdoch

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I received Gray Apocalypse by James Murdoch through a giveaway on librarything and from the moment I did I knew it was going to be enjoyable. I got started reading Sci/Fi. I don't mean when I was really young, my Mom didn't put a Carl Sagan book in front of me to teach me to read. Of course I learned that the way everyone else did See Jane Run... and then when I was a little older maybe 9 or 10 a friend of my Mother's gave me Are Your There God It's Me Margaret and even though I liked the boy version, Then Again Maybe I Won't better that piqued my interest in reading. It wasn't until I walked into the New Age and then the Sci/Fi aisles at the book store that I truly began to love to read.

These days I don't read much of the hard core stuff anymore, I stay on the outskirts with short stories and I love, love , love sci/fi/humor but I greatly enjoyed getting back to my roots, if you will, with Gray Apocalypse.

When Aliens want to destroy all humans and replace them with a hybrid race, Michael Kendon rushes to locate the weapon needed to save us all and use it before it's too late. There are twists and turns that will keep you reading late nights perched on the edge of your seat. James Murdoch called his book "...a thriller in a more or less science fiction context" and I completely agree. I won't say that at times I forgot there were aliens but I will say it didn't have to be aliens but I'll also say I am glad it is aliens because if it wasn't I would probably have never read this book.

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