Read - A - Thon Update #5

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Well, I finished a couple books since the last time we talked. I finished The Songbird in my Heart and Dinosaurs in the Dark as well as 2 children's picture books that count as far as I am concerned and those are The Lorax and Where The Wild Things Are which helped put my son to sleep tonight.

I wish I had found out about the Read-a-Thon earlier because I really had fun doing this and staying in touch with everyone though the blogs, mini challenges and twitter not to mention the actual reading which was also awesome. Unfortunately with such short notice I couldn't make special plans to clear my day/night and get extra help with toddler watching from my husband so I have to go to sleep tonight. I can't stay up reading till all hours of the night and by that I mean 7am so this might be my last post of the evening and I might have read my last word in this read-a-thon. Giving it a second thought though my son usually wakes up at 6am so I could sleep, get up when he does and read a little more...I might do that...we'll see. If not I will check in with you all tomorrow anyway to recap everything I did read and see how everyone else did.

I already can't wait for April when I will have more prep time and can go all night!!

3 your two cents:

Fabulous job! hope you have had fun with your reading!

Eva said...

Enjoy your rest! You did wonderfully!

You did a great job for such short notice!

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