Book Review - Stop, Rest and Think by Fuad A. Kamal

Monday, October 26, 2009

I recently received Stop, Rest, and Think by Fuad A. Kamal for review. Stop, Rest and Think is a short book (119 pages) in three parts, Part I is made up of reflections, passages, quotes, quick thoughts very much the self improvement part of the book little things that make you stop and think, Parts II and III are short essays and stories with a definite anti-war slant these stories don't preach to you but are meant instead to make you again stop and think.

You can take in the whole book from front to back rather easily due to it's short length but one of the great things about this book is that you do not need to be read each entry in order. All the part compliment each other making for a full reading experience but you can pick it up, turn to any page and start reading without the need to worry if you "missed something."

Every time I read a few pages in this book I wanted to go straight to my computer or journal and write. I wanted to share my thoughts on the topics brought up in Stop, Rest and Think. Passages like:

Sometimes, failure (or fear of it) forces one to
learn how things work far beyond one
would have thought possible (or necessary.)

make me want to say Amen. And what about this one:

If you see a person following their heart, support them
if even with just a word. If enough people
did it, the world would be transformed.

That is so true, sometimes it is hard to do because you don't want to interfere but think of how good you would feel if someone just stopped to say 'good job' when you were working on a particularly hard project. Here is one last passage:

There is so little time to truly enjoy one's parents.
Don't waste a golden opportunity.

This is true not just of parents but of all the people who are truly important to you, figure out who those people are and tell them so, hang out with them, tell them nice things, hug them, you will regret it if you don't.

So all-in-all Stop, Rest and Think is a little book with a lot of say in a very thought provoking way, which seems to me to be exactly what Fuad A. Kamal set out to accomplish.

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