Book Review - How to Train a Rock by Paul Steven Stone

Monday, October 12, 2009

I recently finished How To Train A Rock by Paul Steven Stone. If you enjoy a good chuckle then this is the book for you. How to Train a Rock is a compilation of what the author calls "Short Insights and Fiction Flights," Paul Steven Stone has written a column for years in one form or another and this book captures some of the best.

I love humor, not fart jokes but when an otherwise unfunny topic is given a humorous slant. When an author can take a moment and infuse it with funny, throw in a little witty banter and I am hooked. How To Train a Rock has just that, there are serious topics offered up with just the right amount of humor to put a smile on your face and at times you can't help but to let loose and laugh out loud. If you are wondering what I mean exactly just visit the author's website, you will immediately understand the type of humor I am talking about (or you won't and in that case I can't help you).

Let me give you a little example:

Buy this book and save hundreds of dollars! I lied.

Those are the first two lines you see as you open How To Train A Rock and they are an excellent indicator of the humor found throughout.
Interestingly (at least to me) when I look back at the book is my choice for favorite chapter. It is the one that speaks to my place in life right now, I have a soon-to-be 3 year old toddler as I am watching him grow into a little boy and the thoughts of having another baby float around in my head I find my favorite chapter is:

The Fifth Rock Trick:
Boys and Girls Together
Wherein a Father of Three
Discovers the Joy, Laughter
and Heartache of Fatherhood
yet Still
Walks Away Humming.

Stone's words so obviously come from the heart in this chapter that they can't help but touch his reader's hearts too.

In short if you are looking for a humorous book that hasn't lost it's heart then How To Train A Rock is for you and can be purchased on and through your local bookstore.

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