Death of a Laptop...Maybe, and School Tours

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We had to get up and out this morning without too much fuss, we had an appointment to tour a school at 10am. Of course this is not too early but for our current lifestyle (the laid back no schedule lifestyle) it is. One of the things that is firmly on the 'Con' side of the page in regards to putting the little one in school is having to get our lives on more of a set schedule. Anyway we made it out of the house without much trouble and to the school. The place is great all the teachers were nice and almost painfully smiley but I guess that is better than frowny but neither of those are real words and the fact that I use words like that is on the 'Pro' side of the page in favor of a school that would teach him the correct way to speak. Chance, enjoyed playing with all the toys as we listened to the Admissions lady talk.
While we were there one of the groups of two year olds came back from an outing. They were all walking in a line holding onto a string which reminded both me and Scott of George Clooney children in Oh Brother Where Art Thou. They walked into the room where we were. All the children were calm and they sat down in their chairs around the little table in the center of the room prepared for their snack of goldfish crackers. This is when I wondered if Chance could do it, could he handle this kind of behavior? He will not even sit at the table for a full meal he gets down and then comes back to grab a bite and then goes again. Would he sit at a little table with a bunch of other kids to eat all of his snack? People say "once he sees the other kids doing it..." but I am skeptical. My son is a rebel just like his old man. He is a good boy but he walks to his own drummer and I wonder if he will fit into the school mold so easily. Anyway we still are not sure if we are going to put him into school or not. More on that debate later.

When we arrived back home I had left my half full coffee cup from the morning sitting on my desk. While Scott and I were in the kitchen talking and slaving over the stove to make the little one his favorite breakfast food, sausage. He was climbing up in my desk chair and spilling the aforementioned coffee all over my desk and laptop. We did not notice this until some time later and so no one really knows how long it was sitting there in a pool of sweet creamy goodness. As soon as I noticed it of course I picked it up and tried to turn it on, evidently as I was quickly told by my husband this was exactly what I was NOT supposed to do. So, I may have fried the circuits but how was I to know? Despite my ineptitude my wonderful husband took all the little screws out of the back and we are now allowing it to dry, soon we will know the answer to the question, Will I be getting a new laptop?

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