Thursday, June 26, 2008

So tomorrow we are going to hit the road. We are driving up to Alexandria, LA to pick up our new pug puppy.
Tis will be an interesting drive. it will be the first time Scott and Chance have ridden in the car for anything that could be considered a long distance. I will be there too of course but I do not count because I have ridden in the car with the baby for a trip to Orlando and back (9 hours one way) Fort Myers, Fl (13 hours one way) and from ATL to Kentucky and back (7 hours one way) as well as a couple trips to Biloxi and such. I am as prepared as you can be when traveling with an 18 month old. Like I said it will be an interesting trip.
We are also a bit unprepared to pick up our puppy on Saturday but what can you do? We have to wait for money to be deposited in our account tomorrow for us to be able to go out and buy the cage for our new little guy. yeah that's rigth we do not even have a cage for him yet. We took really good care of our English Bulldog I promise and we had him for 7 years.

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