Waiting for what again?

Friday, June 20, 2008

I am sitting here in the dark on my couch. The TV is showing a slide show of the most recent pictures om my Flickr account. The bathroom light is on and is flooding light into the hallway but is still too far away to shed any light onto my keyboard to make this post a little easier to get out there. I am waiting. Waiting for Scott to get home, he just called from the airport and will be here any minute. He had to take a taxi since his plane did not land until 11pm and that was too late to keep the little one awake just to go pick Daddy up from the airport. It's weird because in a normal family it would be such a special occurrence picking Daddy up from the airport that you would keep the kids awake and all go to the airport together but here it happens all the time so taxi it is. That should never happen to a family. One member of your immediate family should never be gone so often that it becomes a common occurrence. Of course if it were solely up to me that would never happen to me either but it isn't and so here I am alone.

But I will not be alone soon, the aforementioned taxi should be pulling up any minute now and then we will all be one big happy family again. For how long? We can not be sure but at least for the weekend and no matter how much the next day he leaves will be looming over my head I will try to push it to the back of my mind and enjoy the moment. That is my new goal to enjoy the moment. I do not feel optimistic about this.

I am thinking of trying to find a farmer's market to go to this weekend. I have been trying to "green" myself up a bit. I figure this would be a great way to meet your neighbors as well as get some cheaper and fresher fruits and veggies but so far I have not looked one up so unless I stop what I am doing right now to look it up we probably will not go tomorrow because once the baby wakes up if you do not have a plan the you might as well just wait for nap time and then it is afternoon and too hot and before you know it the day is spiraling out of control.

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