Book Review - Love Means Zero by Daisy Jordan

Thursday, September 23, 2010

People are always talking about great Summer reads, they are supposed to be light but not flakey right? If that is true about Summer reads then Love Means Zero by Daisy Jordan is a great Fall read.
Love Means Zero follows Hilton Joliet a new photographer for 'Game, Set Match' a top notch Tennis magazine. Hilton's new position takes her all over the world keeping pace with the hotest young tennis players in the world but a chance meeting in a Rome hotel room and a few damaging photographs later and her world is thrown for a serious loop.
Ms. Jordan's love for tennis is undeniable throughout Love Means Zero but my favorite part is how she does an excellent job approaching those little things that happen in life when you stop and ask yourself "is this really my life?" Globe trotting, a dream job, long distant (and not so long distant) love. This love comes with it's share of secrets and ultimatums.
Love Means Zero definately carries more weight than those feathery beach reads of last season. A fun ride along the tennis circuit by an author who knows her stuff. The perfect book to get you back into the swing of life this Fall.

I received this book for review as part of Daisy Jordan's virtual tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion.

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