Book Review- Bug's Adventure Series by K.M. Groshek

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I recently received three of the Bug's Adventure books for review from the author.
Bug's Trip to the Store takes us along with Bug (a VW Bug) as he bravely handles an intimidating Semi truck on his way to the store. Bug Goes Through the Maze follows Bug through a fun corn maze. He makes some new friends on the farm as the help him navigate the maze. Bug Meets his Friend
finds Bug trying to figure out what to do for the day. When his friend Coop comes along they decide to head down to the track for a day of racing.
Each Bug book is filled with bright eye-catching illustrations. Although from an adult point-of-view they seem a bit computer generated my son didnt seem to mind as he enthusiastically pointed out each character by name after just a couple readings. He instantly connected with Bug from the first time we read Bug Goes Through the Maze.
Each story is told through rhyming prose making them fun to listen to for the kids and fun to read for the adults.
Bug Meets his Friend
is by far my son's favorite, I think because we used to own a Coop (mini Cooper) which is Bug's friend. Whatever the reason he has picked this one out for nearly every storytime since it arrived in the mail and that is the best recommendation any children's book can recieve.
These titles will be available for sale in June from Amazon and Barnes and Noble in fact some are available to pre-order right now. You can find even more information on the author and her books at The fun doesn't stop there either check out tge online games at

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