24 Hour Read-A-Thon Post 4

Saturday, April 10, 2010

In the last few hours I have been reading a lot of books to my son and also I read 137 pages in Club Dead during his nap. Now that I am back to taking care of him and sort of taking a little break from reading I am going to do a mini challenge hosted over here.

Reading is Fundamental and here's my story:

I don't remember my Mom reading to me when I was really little like 3 and under but I know she did not just because she tells me she did but because I don't remember a time where books were a foreign idea. Books and reading has always been a part of my life and I have always enjoyed the experience of reading to myself and out loud. I remember when my Mom would work long nights I would read out loud to my sister while we lay in bed, it was a special thing for me and I think for her too, I wonder if she even remembers that now? I started reading full force on my own when I was around 12 years old and from that time on I was never without a book in my hands, literally I used to carry a book and a journal everywhere with me, to school, to the grocery store, on walks, everywhere. I know in my heart this love of reading came from the moments remembered consciously and subconsciously of reading with my family when I was young and because of that I have read to my son from before he was born. When I was pregnant and then breastfeeding I would read my books out loud to him, adult books whose content he couldn't possibly understand and whose gray scale pages held no interest for him but I knew it was the act of holding the book and of reading out loud to him that was important not the content. As he grows I pick out books that are his age level to read, we read every day before naptime and just before bedtime too. He has a whole shelving unit full of books and each day he picks the books that interest him at that moment for us to read together. He loves to have us read to him and with each book I read or let him see me reading to myself I hope that I am instilling a love for books and reading that he can carry with him throughout his life and that will allow him the ability to be self-taught and the joy of a good escape.

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4 your two cents:

Ronnica said...

I love that you're including your son in your Read-a-thon. I think that's the best thing my mom ever did for me and my brother...she instilled her love of reading in us by reading to us nightly. We're both readers and learners until this day.

Anonymous said...

Austen, Hemingway
Rushdie, Poe
When it comes to reading
You’re a pro!

vvb32 reads said...

yes, i think having books and reading aloud sends the message to your son that books are important. have a happy read-a-thon-ing day!

Joy Renee said...

your story, highlighting the influence of mentors and caregivers in instilling love of reading, is exactly the kind of thing i was looking for.

it's wonderful you are sharing your read-a-thon experience with your son!

Thanks for entering my RIF challenge.

Read with joy

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