Book Review - The Adventures of the Thundering Whales by Stephen Vadakin

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Product Description

The Weaved Catcher is the first book in Stephen Vadakin's series "The Adventures of the Thundering Whales." The books follow the exciting adventures of the three young dolphin friends Thunder, Flukie and Sapphire. In The Weaved Catcher, Thunder becomes caught in a fishing net and falls far, far down into the ocean depths. How can he ever escape? What happens when his friends rush to rescue him? When you read the answers to these questions in the book, you will meet some massive and amazing sea creatures. Blue whales, humpback whales, a giant squid and the Swordfish Police Patrol are all part of the fun and adventures!

My Take:
I almost want to apologize of this review because I have found many glowing reviews on the internet so I feel maybe it's just me, maybe I am missing something. The idea of the story is great the fun ocean characters are a good learning tool but this story has no spark. It doesn't have anything special that makes me want to read it again. I love to read obviously but for a large picture book this book is wordy to the point of boring. My son and I read chapter books at night so he can handle some serious story but this book could not keep his interest. I had hoped for more but it simply did not deliver.

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