And he walked to the other side of the house

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The other day I was watching a breaking news special on Television. Now when they break into your favorite show to tell you something it should be really important, something that I can not wait until the regular 6pm or 11pm news cast to see nothing else. Everything else can wait. But now this one was to let me know that President Elect Obama had arrived at the White House for his first meeting with Prezy Bush. Now I love Obama and I seriously had plans to leave the country if he did not will the election and I do think it is wonderful that he is meeting with Bush and that they seem to have plans to really work together over the next two months but I do not understand why this is "Breaking News." Did everyone think he was not going to visit the White House at all before he took office? Or maybe if no other president in the history of presidents had met with the current president while they were still president-elect then again this would be "breaking news" alas this is not the case and so although it is nice that Laura Bush gets to show Michelle Obama around the ole homestead it is not "breaking news."

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